Sunday, October 30, 2011

Completely and Utterly Ruernt

This . . .
Sometimes something happens to a person
that ruins them in a good way.
Maybe an apple pie made by your grandmother.
It was so good, that it ruined you from ever
enjoying any other apple pie as much
as those made by your grandmother.
That . . .
In the south, this  word is sometimes pronounced ruernt.
"I used to be able to sleep on the ground just fine,
but my wife bought this feather bed and now I'm ruernt.
Can't sleep on the ground any more . . .
I am ruernt, completely and utterly ruernt."
This is That . . .
Salvation comes from God,
thru Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit.
No religious institution or church can do anything
apart from the power of God.
A power encounter from God is needed.
That's what happened to my friend Rick.
He was completely strung out on drugs,
complely lost and completely without any hope.
But then, he had a powerful encounter of the Holy Spirit.
He was completely saved, healed and set free . . . in a moment.
That is what all of us need.
An encounter with God;
That changes what we believe about Him;
That ruins us; That makes us know His love;
That makes us realize our sin and our need of a savior;
That causes us to respond with repentance which leads us to
love Him with all of our heart, soul and mind.
This is my prayer for me, for you,
and all of our family and friends
Oh, that we would all be ruernt by the power of God.
Completely and utterly ruernt.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Puke Green Polyester Spandex Suit

This . . .
I just bought a bag of oranges.
They were a beautiful color of orange and Texas ripe.
So I thought.
Actually the plastic bag was tinted beautfiully orange;
The oranges were green when I took them out of the bag.
The bag should have said . . .
Texas greens - not ripe at all.
That . . .
I'm not much on government regulations,
but here is one I wish they would insist on
If a can of some thing has no salt added,
it should have to have a puke green label on it and say,
And it tastes PUKEY!
This is That . . .
“You are the salt of the earth; but if the
salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned?
It is then good for nothing but to be thrown
out and trampled underfoot by men.
Matthew 5:13
Don't want to walk around wearing a
puke green polyester spandex suit.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Many Have Said Yes, But Did Not Do It

This . . .
Had a great time in KC this past weekend at
the IHOP Prayer and Prophecy Conference.
Met my son Elliott's fiance, Megan for the first time.
She is absolutely delightful. Beautiful inside and out
and a wholehearted believer in Jesus.
Also went to a football game with a high school friend
and watched her daughter march in the band.
It was a very refreshing and really fun evening.
That . . .
It was impressed on me at the conference to search
God for the next step.
Not  the grand scheme,
but just the next first step of what God would have me do.
The answer was the same as what he most often tells me and
anyone seeking to know what He would have us to do.
Almost a cliche if I know what that word means.
Read the Bible and Pray.
This is That . . .
Now I read my Bible and pray already, but God would say to me,
" I know you do, but seriously now . . ."
In 1982, God invited Mike Bickle to be part of a
young adult movement that would touch the ends of the earth."
His immediate response was, "YES, Lord!"
Then God said to him,
"Many have said yes to me, but did not do it."
Here I am saying yes again.
Don't want to be one of the many who
said yes, but did not do it.
Help me Holy Spirit.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Intercessional Missionary Farmers

This . . .
The shoe bomber is threatening to starve himself to death in prison.
All righty then.
That . . .
What if instead of saying the southeast, we said the eastsouth?
Or the eastnorth? Try saying Blue Valley West North
Just saying it that way creeps me out.
Gives me the ebeejeebies.
This is That . . .
Going to KC this weekend for a conference at IHOP.
Looking forward also to meeting
my son Elliott's finance, Megan Mayo.
She is in KC right now, but will soon join Elliott in Vermont.
They're going to get married and be
Intercessional Missionary Farmers.
As I used to say in my hippie days - Far Out!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

To You, O LORD, I lift up my soul

This . . .
I went to exercise at the gym after work today.
There was a lady there working out,
and at about twenty til six she asked me,
"Do they close at six?"
"Yes they do", I said.
Her response,
"Darn, I won't have time to finish my workout!"
So she left.
That . . .
The first time I became aware of Psalms 25,
was when my daughter, Tarah, shared it with me.
I was hurting. She was lifting me up by sharing
this prayer to bring water in the midst of a dry land.
Fond memories of Tarah and me and Jesus
driving across Arkansas in her Saturn.
This is That . . .
To You, O LORD, I lift up my soul.
O my God, I trust in You;

Let me not be ashamed;
Let not my enemies triumph over me.
Indeed, let no one who waits on You be ashamed;
Let those be ashamed who deal treacherously without cause.

Show me Your ways, O LORD;
Teach me Your paths.
Lead me in Your truth and teach me,
For You are the God of my salvation;
On You I wait all the day.

Remember, O LORD, Your tender mercies
and Your lovingkindnesses, For they are from of old.
Do not remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions;
According to Your mercy remember me,
For Your goodness’ sake, O LORD.

Good and upright is the LORD;
Therefore He teaches sinners in the way.
The humble He guides in justice,
And the humble He teaches His way.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


This . . .
Hank Williams, Jr. was obviously comparing
President Obama with Netanyahu.
Boehner should be livid.
That . . .
I run a print shop.
Someone called today and asked, "Do you do printing?"
I said, "Yes we do."
Then they asked, "How much is it?"
This is That . . .
Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!
John 1:29
I've been meditating on this one.
Yes, Jesus died on the cross for the remission of sin.
That's a powerful truth, available to all who believe,
but there is still sin in the world, and this scripture says
that Jesus is going to take it away.
God's plan is for Jesus to take away (remove) sin from the earth.
How's He going to do that?

Crankin' It Back Up

This . . .
So I was thinkin' about re-activating my "This is That" blog.
I thought, what if 25 people were to ask me to start blogging again.
Would I do it? I think so.
What if ten people asked? Probably.
What if only one person asked me to bring back "This is That"?
One did, I would, and so I am.
That . . .
I like to remove my credit card really slowly.
It just seems like the right thing to do.
This is That . . .
IHOP worship leader - Justin Rizzo